Sunday, 2 March 2008

Five, Six Pick Up Sticks

I've been tagged my Vasudha and I'm gonna bite the bullet.

The Rules:

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#1 : When I wake up, and I tend to do so in wee hours of the morn, so does every other organic life form within a 10 mile radius as i blare rock music from my bathroom. I do this to snap myself out of REM (or non-REM) mode. [As of late I have taken to getting up with AC/DC's TNT resonating through the neighborhood]

#2 : As I mentioned in point one, I tend to get up early. But on a few rare occasions I'm so exhausted that not even the Immigrant Song has the decibel value to awaken me. So what I do is, I languidly spread out a towel on the bathroom floor and lay down and drift off into Neverland. I do this so that in the event of my mother coming to check on me, she would assume I'm in the bathroom (wide awake).

#3 : I'm venturesome when it comes to food. I'd be willing to eat anything at least once (even the Icelandic cuisine of Hakarl, which translate to rotten shark meat).

#4 : If I could, I would I spend all day reading books, listening to and playing music and writing whenever i find some source of inspiration. I have no trouble in putting off work, in fact I am an inveterate procrastinator.

#5 : I have oddly sensitive teeth and I haven't a clue as to why i just proclaimed that to the World Wide Web.

#6 : I talk to myself more often than I hold conversations with other living beings. And I used to talk in my sleep. Once I even did the entire sleep-walking, coherent conversing bit and only found out about the following morning, 'twas a rather embarrassing revelation (this is in consideration of the fact that my primary purpose in my sleep was to find a cow.. Don't hurry to get out your copy of Interpretation of Dreams, I'm blissful in ignorance and doubt).

[I could go on for another couple of pages, hell I could write a book longer than War and Peace (Did I mention my gargantuan ego?). But I am making an attempt at self-restraint.]

And now, I choose to torture the following innocent souls:
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Anonymous said...

Gee, how can I do the six/seven/eight weird facts about me tag again? I've already done it twice and now I'm really running out of weird/non-sensical/unimportant things to say about myself! :P

Okay, so my recent post was about that tag as well. So how about I add your name to the list of the people who tagged me to do it?

And the sleeping in the bathroom thing reminded me of a very similar incident from my own life.

It was early 5 AM or something on one of those really cold winter days and I was supposed to go for my science tuition. This was back in tenth. So my mother told me to go and have a bath first because I had to go to school straight after the tuition. So, I went into the bathroom and fell asleep on the floor with the towel wrapped around me like a blanket. Mum came some 30 minutes later and started banging on the door and that's when I realized that I had fallen asleep. I did get up and go to the tuition because my tuition teacher used to beat people with sticks for having missed tuition for even one day. So yeah, bathroom is one place where you can do a lot of things.

nikita said...

Your tuition teacher was a sadist? Interesting... add that too your blog. ;-)

Anonymous said...

He wasn't exactly a sadist. He had figured out that the only way to make 16 year old guys study was to beat the shit out of them. :P

And trust me, it worked. I got bloody 96 marks in Science in 10th.

L@$H@ said...

you're tagged!

nikita said...

In thick Indian accent, "Go study or I hit you with bamboo stick!"

Anonymous said...

LOL, pretty much. Try saying that in a typical Haryana Hindi and you're home. :P

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm just waaaaay too lazy to do memes. But thanks for the tag.

Bharat said...

I've taken to waking up with Lynyrd Skynyrd's That's How I Like It and Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song pouring into my ears.

Immigrant Song is awesome. I often fall asleep in the bathroom. I usually sneak in a stool or something to be perched upon while sleeping. It's uncomfortable as hell but better than staying awake.

I am procrastination personified.

Check out Ramble On and Thank You, both by Led Zep. Really good.

And Ish, how did you ever manage early morning tuitions? *shudders* Also, if any of my teachers ever tried to hit me, I'd rip his/her heart out.

Anonymous said...

I was kind of brilliant in tenth and I kind of liked Science. Hence I managed the morning Science tuition. I used to sleep in the evening Maths one though. Maths has been genuinely boring since the beginning. And that teacher didn't hit me ever, I never gave him the chance. :D

I wouldn't have done anything if he did hit me anyway. I would have cursed at the max. I'm not somebody who gives back to someone.

nikita said...

Raincoaster: it doesnt matter, i dont know enough bloggers to make a list of 6... lol.

Bharat: I love Led Zep. You listen to Pink Floyd?
Oh, and I'm with you on the tuition teacher thing. I'd kick the guys ass if he dared to hit me (and thats just the beginning.. I shudder to think what'd happen to the fellow if my parents were to find out).

Bharat said...

I love Led Zeppelin too. And Pink Floyd happens to be one of my favourites! Do you listen to The Doors?

Anonymous said...

My parents willingly sent me there to get my ass kicked because they knew it was the only way I'd study. :|

That teacher had a reputation for all this stuff. So when you go to him, it automatically means you are gonna get your ass kicked so you go there prepared. If it comes as a surprise, anyone would wanna kick the teacher's ass.

The Keeper of the Keys said...

hahaha...nise one..esp the sleeping in the bathroom bit...