Sunday, 22 March 2009

Plenteous Movies

Saw The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button day before. They managed to make a three hour movie out of a 10 page short story by Fitzgerald. And as expected, the story is infinitely superior to the movie. I resorted to chucking pop corn at the screen.

Aloo Chaat yesterday. Walked out after 40 minutes. Felt a little brain dead.

Monty Python And The Holy Grail yesterday. I want coconuts.

The Reader today. Haven't seen it yet, but I anticipate it'll be good.
Update- Got back from the movie. Kate Winslet was quite remarkable. Maybe I should read the book.
I'm off to watch The Full Monty now. Impotent men stripping, what could be better?

These posts have no purpose. I just need something to do in between doing nothing.


Saturday, 21 March 2009

High school graduate, I be.

Boards over and school's out.
Time to catch up on reading. First off, those thirty odd pending blog posts to be read. Then the fifty odd books on the read-after-boards-list. But it shall again have to wait a while. For, the next couple of days have been designated as Family-Time by mater. Nothing says family like arguments over my preference to use billiard balls while bowling.
Soon though, I'll be at complete liberty to regress into book hermitage or to wile away my time watching the spider population in my room grow (it's a lovely little ecosystem with ants, spiders and the occasional lizard).

Now I'll go brush up on Morse Code. Lack of practice due to excessive time spent trying to map my tongue print. Beginning to forget the order of my dits and dahs.

[You can blame the brevity of the post on Twitter.]