Thursday, 22 April 2010

Crumbling Cookie

[Let's just say I'm experimenting.]

A slice
A murmur
A banal drop.
That's not how the cookie falls.

A knot
A tug
A banal fall.
That's not how the cookie drops.

A twist
A tumble
A banal toast.
That's not how the cookie scuttles.

A stance
A totter
A banal scuttle.
That wasn't the cookie's toast.

A sigh
A half-smile
A simple melody.
That's the way the cookie burns.


Sunday, 11 April 2010

Welcoming Back Blue Raincoats

I needed to write today. Having done that, I thought I'd stick by my old decision to be my capricious self and decided to post on this purportedly closed blog.

I make no promises concerning future posts. If you hold your breath, please take it the entire mile and emulate a five year old in a mall who really really wants another gummy bear head. Then, tell me if it was watermelon or strawberry.

It's short and possibly incomplete. But it does have a title-

Blue Raincoats

Heaven sent at heaven's end.
A sweet man's abode
Converts to a widow's chest
To reveal the crinkling edges of homesickness.

A glossy finish by a rough edged sword,
Finality by an indefinite wink.
Chapters flip with the summer breeze,

Sweet similes end
And children's chests heave.
Swords wink in the summer Sun
To close curses at heaven's brink.