Wednesday, 27 October 2010

No Wizard Here

Chicago was meant to be hit by the worst storm in 70 years yesterday. I was psyched, I missed Delhi’s massive monsoon and a nice storm would have been splendid. But then, hopes were dashed and instead of a rave up in the clouds, we got the two step.
All I ever wanted was to be like Dorothy and Toto.


Hello World.

As I was in the shower, singing to the mouldy curtains, I realized I felt like blogging again. I also made a promise, but a smart little elf once told me to never tell others my endeavours. Smart little elf, he was. Kill Elrond, he did. Become Santa Claus, he did.


Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Special Meals

There are always those few people who order special meals on aeroplanes. When you see those meals coming you wonder at what makes the meals special? And figure that it can’t be much better than yours since it’s still on an aeroplane. Then you see the strawberries. They look good. You’re certain you won’t have any strawberries. Looking at someone else’s early arriving meal with all its succulent canned fruit makes you hungry. You also want your meal right then. You decide to order yourself a special meal next time.

If you don’t get one next time, maybe it’s an indication that you’re a Commi.

Yes, I only ever blog when I’m moving at speeds greater than 500 km/h. Go figure.


Thursday, 22 April 2010

Crumbling Cookie

[Let's just say I'm experimenting.]

A slice
A murmur
A banal drop.
That's not how the cookie falls.

A knot
A tug
A banal fall.
That's not how the cookie drops.

A twist
A tumble
A banal toast.
That's not how the cookie scuttles.

A stance
A totter
A banal scuttle.
That wasn't the cookie's toast.

A sigh
A half-smile
A simple melody.
That's the way the cookie burns.


Sunday, 11 April 2010

Welcoming Back Blue Raincoats

I needed to write today. Having done that, I thought I'd stick by my old decision to be my capricious self and decided to post on this purportedly closed blog.

I make no promises concerning future posts. If you hold your breath, please take it the entire mile and emulate a five year old in a mall who really really wants another gummy bear head. Then, tell me if it was watermelon or strawberry.

It's short and possibly incomplete. But it does have a title-

Blue Raincoats

Heaven sent at heaven's end.
A sweet man's abode
Converts to a widow's chest
To reveal the crinkling edges of homesickness.

A glossy finish by a rough edged sword,
Finality by an indefinite wink.
Chapters flip with the summer breeze,

Sweet similes end
And children's chests heave.
Swords wink in the summer Sun
To close curses at heaven's brink.


Sunday, 31 January 2010

That'll Be All

Hello young ones,

I have final notice, I'm shutting down my blog. It's been long in the coming and I see no incentive to keep it up, particularly since I've lost all my readers.
Lead unhealthy lives and disturb your twisted minds.

That'll be all.



Chalk Faces

Words you can use to describe the following- purple, verbose, forced and downright banal.

Reasons apathy is my only response to your wailing- My plan for fluff blogging didn't work out and I haven't much else to put up here for your amusement and/or agonizing dragging death. Also, I haven't indulged my sadism in a long while.


Downward curls and upward angles

A facile face, commonly discernible.

With a slight twitch and a wayward glance

The mighty sight moves off to perchance.

A glint and sigh with a bashful grin

Another simple one, identified without hint.

Toss a sneer and a muddle wave

You’ll have a splendidly confused daze.

Stoic stare, murmured immutability

Uncertainty unsure in perpetuity.

Off cadence breath or wavering peek

Works of comprehension clearly you seek.


Friday, 8 January 2010

Gods and Grand Games

According to this highly reliable website, tomorrow is Play God Day.

I shall be taking on the role in full responsibility and engaging in all the barbarically holy crimes I am obligated to. So as to be a secular God, I have carefully analyzed all the possible deeds I could accomplish in a day and concluded on the following which I hope will satisfy believers of all faiths.

"If I could be God for a day, I would..." (commanding thee to imagine an innocent childlike voice of such high pitch, that you will be eager to claw your eyeballs out), "commit a few genocides, a couple of sexist acts, some good ol’ confusing reincarnations in the form of my son and myself and not to forget, just some frightful yelling that makes cows and chickens swap personalities just so they can each be severely disappointed. Also, like the original one, I’ll be demanding the first borns of every living being on earth. I likes me some infant toenails."