Monday, 22 September 2008

Chronophage and Relative Time

This is a video in which John Taylor briefly describes the working of the Corpus Clock. 

Here's a question for you guys, why the pendulum? Is there any need for it?



Monday, 15 September 2008

Feels Like War

An echo from a distant land
Leaves me without wary.
So I lie and dream of lower fares
For further foe, a few thoughts spared.

At my desk in Morpheus state
A sudden thud did rise.
Followed by three and yet another,
Finally the sands did dry.

No matter where we stand
Upon the world, escape eludes us all.
A scar, a scratch, a burn or mark-
Something to carry on.

The battle, some say, has been lost
But the fight we soldier on.
Others' words evince their hopes that
Darkness nears the light of dawn.

For the rest, like I, the current betrays
A clear vista to a perpetual war.
An eternal time of dusk:
The furthest point from dawn.

P.S.: I'd appreciate suggestions for the title.