Thursday, 27 March 2008


[There isn't suppose to be a space between the 1st and second lines, can't seem to get rid of it.]
{A suggestion: read it slowly, with ease}

A wall of treachery divides
Instilling fear of what lies beyond.
Trembling at thoughts of a shaken wall,
Failing to realize
The sublimity of the illusion.
Yet the few with the leisure
of a double-ended view,
Our ignorance, perpetuate.

Duped, we may have been
But a generation new emerges;
Procreating hope.
The janus-faced divide
Spiraling to decadence.


Bharat Iyer said...

Right. Send this over to them FYP peoplez. My God...

I am officially jealous.

Nikita said...

I'll take that as a good sign.

Anonymous said...

Nice, like the way you just shifted between the two kinds of people. You should stop studying and start writing poems full time.

First three lines of the last para are very me. I do that all the time. Positive attitude personified.

Nikita said...

hehe... I wonder how my parents would take that... "Hey, mom dad. I've decided to screw studies and take on writing poetry though I've only been doin the latter for about 6 months.... What do ya think?"
lmao. Mum'll either kick me out of the house or bury me alive.

Anonymous said...

If they kick you out of your house, no big deal, even I'm getting kicked out of mine soon so we can live somewhere on rent. And rent dene ke liye you write poems and I'll sing them on those trains. :P

If that doesn't work we'll do chori chakari. If she buries you though, then I can't do anything. Seeyah in afterlife. :P

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Nikita said...


And I think the being burried alive ting is far more likely.. but if they kick me out, we'll rob a couple of banks. I have some fool proof ideas.

Anonymous said...

Robbing banks, sure. But I have a couple of conditions.

I'm not gonna wear a Hillary Clinton mask while robbing the bank (Reference - Domino. Seen that?)

If we get caught, I'ma tell the police that I'm innocent and that you've kidnapped me and have been threatening to kill me if I don't help you. :P

Nikita said...

Domino, no not seen it. But the Hillary Clinton mask is a famous trend, used in several movies.
We wont need masks 9even if we do, the good old pantyhose will suffice), it'll be an inside job. And don't worry, not a chance in hell we'll get caught.. told ya, tis fool proof.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why I'm trusting you but okay, I'm game.

Nikita said...

Good. *sinister smile*
I'll send you the details via email and we'll be rich in a week's time.


Bharat said...

Just to make things clear, I am NOT bailing you two out.

Nikita said...

Damn you Bharat, I was counting on you.

Anonymous said...

@Bharat: Dude, come on. I was also banking on you to fight for our rights. Pfss, you ruined it. :(

Zeus said...

treachory ... wonder when one wud start treating humans as they are meant to ... the love factor has shifted its concentration from humans to materialistic things and hence a feeling of emptiness shrouds each one of us despite having it all around us ... nice stuff u wrote

Nikita said...

They might in another century or so. A second Renaissance maybe..

Anonymous said...

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