Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Today, the kindergarten wall took a not so great tumble down to a ghastly pile of crap emerging from my personal Hellmouth set up by IT.

The wall mocks me in verse.

First you brush upon me

In hallowed white

But in the most impious way.

Then you burst upon me a slew of stain

From Satan’s personal palette.

This I can tell for some mortals admired

Except those of sane virtuous way.

But more I grieve as this was not

The end of your profanity.

You soon resolved to

Write upon my trampled skin

The names of books of wicked intent

None prophetic or of sacred verse

But of Irishmen and paedophilic mirth.

Irony struck when you wrote of a catch

For now you are caught in the very same.

Either desert me in this deplorable state

And be mocked by the world for incompetence.

Or amend me to a more agreeable sight

And lose your last penny to effort’s might.

Regardless of stance,

Leave your thoughts not to stand.

A week of nine days you have,

Before you’re caught in either catch.

If I feel masochistic enough sometime, I'll upload some pictures.


The Dramaqueen said...

I like the title.

And, as I mentioned earlier, I like the poem too.

You're good at writing stuff that I never understand :P
Kidding, I got a lot of it this time :D
Clearly either one of us is improving.
I'll let you be proud of yourself :D :P

P.S. You a masochist/sadist/masosadist?

Radhika Saxena said...

Your wall. :D :D
I want pictures!!! Pictures!!
Like the poem btw :D

The Keeper of the Keys said...

What books' names did you write on your wall?

Nik said...

I've only written five and I'm not going any further.
Ulysses, Cathedral, Catch-22, Lolita and War and Peace. Picked them arbitrarily.

ani said...

beautifully dark! :) and yes pictures! pictures!

Nik said...

Ani and Radhika, I'm sorry to disappoint but I fixed the wall and destroyed the pictures. teehee.