Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Here's one of the reasons I haven't posted anything for a while..

Using webcam. The purple goat ate my camera.

And yeah, I'm a lazy ass.

I was going for an old age map and ended up with a kindergarten wall. I'm nearly done, I plan on writing on it.

Oh and yes, I'm going to UChicago come September. GO TEVATRON!


The Dramaqueen said...

Liked it then, love it now :)

Oh, and @ UChic. WOW. =D

P.S. Promise you'll go to Six Flags as soon as you can. And send me the pics!

sid said...

Hideous. And i cant believe i have to sleep in that room for the summer.

Nik said...

Ha! Sweet sweet sadism.

Vasudha said...

Still haven't got the words done? =P

Nik said...

Procrastinating. I'll get to it soon... eventually.

The Keeper of the Keys said...

Its a good effort.

For an 8 year old.

You are 8, aren't you?

No, lol, just kidding. I wouldn't even be able to pull off something like that, my painting really sucks. What do you plan to write? And congrats again, btw!

Nik said...

According to Facebook, I'm 5 and according to strangers, I'm 12. So on average, 8 and a half. Close enough. You get half a gummy bear and a whole worm for that.

I'm gonna write book and song titles. There's a wall full of book in that room and it will also hold my piano soon. And thank you. :)