Friday, 1 February 2008

Poetry.. of sorts

I'm not one for writing poetry (specially when it is longer than 2 lines). So bear with me and these 6 odd lines of.. well, of whatever you reckon it is.

A haze of unreality settles:
As time slows, sounds quicken.
Words that are heard leave lips unmoved
A resonating echo of dampened cold travels the earth;
The unsighted winter makes lucid all,
But a thickened fog descends upon mind and sight.

Ecstasy rises from the forgotten explored.
The echo of melody, ephemeral-
Rapture revels in its transience.
As reverberating sounds clear frosty remains
Joyous euphoria blossoms green.


Bharat Iyer said...

Beautiful poem.

"Resonating echo"

Isn't that what all echoes do? Resonate. Resonating echo just seems repetitive.

Ok, I'm nit-picking. Sorry. :P

Btw, I just blogrolled you.

nikita said...

lol... ur right. i'll change that.

vαsudңα said...

Okay, I need a dictionary. Correction, I need RC. :P
Yeah, right.

Rapture revels in it's transience.
Love the six even lines of poetry!
[Yes, poetry. Contact me for knowing what poetry is not.]

nikita said...

RC.. that's the worst bloody insult u could have possibly given: only an imbecile with a poem for imbeciles would go to her.

hey kid... lets do something after the finals (for which i haven't even considered opening my books). plz.. mine end on the 7th o' march (probably). PLEASE!!

Vasudha said...

Mine end on the 27th, holidays till the 25th of March. I'll probably have extra classes during that time, so anyday after those, alright? Or CP [read:Oxford] or Crossword at Rajouri anytime you want :D

nikita said...

i'm goin green..
i have a weekend before extra classes in school start.. *weeps*

[i'll call u when i have the time.. we'll decide the "location" later]

nikita said...

oh.. just saw the extra classes bit.
*shuffles feet* *mumbles incoherently while turning a bright shade of red (from the prior green)*

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