Monday, 11 February 2008


[SCENE: Me having an astonishingly intelligent conversation with a good looking guy (further referred to as Sisyphus).
I borrow his pen to write something down. Then I, for some inexplicable reason, fall into a trance and stare at the pen which reminds me of an incident (trivial) which took place when i was ten.]

Sisyphus: [curiously] What you doing?
Me: [snaps out of it] Oh! nothing (..) Reminiscing.
Sisyphus: [curiosity turns to bewilderment] Reminiscing?
Me: [laughs out loud] Yeah!
[speaks while looking at the pen]
Profound pen thou art; you sink me into a reverie of days long gone past.

Yes, I said that. Result: he takes me for a raving neurotic lunatic (not that I'm not, but I was hoping for the revelation to be slightly more delayed).

Amazing how life, though quite simple, compels us to conjure escapable complexities.

P.S.: Whether or not this is fictitious, I leave for you to decide. But remember, reality is the one thing we always choose to deny.

P.P.S.: Reason for using Sisyphus as the pseudonym: I was thinking about the myth.


Anonymous said...

Lol, I'm assuming this was real. But yeah, it does happen at times. You say things that you don't want to least not in that particular situation. It happened with me approximately a year back. I was a part of the school cabinet then and we were returning our sashes after some function to these two girls who were collecting them. Now, all the guys just stuffed the sashes into the bag without folding them and stuff and I folded mine neatly and handed it over to the girls.

Then one of them said, "You know, it seems as if you're the only decent and shareef guy around".

And I said, "You know, I'm not that shareef after all..I just look like that."

And later I sat wondering why I said that. It was so uncalled for. They were thinking I was sweet and I blew it up. Obviously they haven't really talked to me after that day because they probably think of me as some closet pervert. Ah, life. :P

nikita said...

lol... urs isnt even close to as insanely ridiculous as mine, but nonetheless stupid.

Bharat Iyer said...

Nik, if you actually said that, then it's really cool. I heartily approve.

And Ish, I have been informed by countless girls that I look shareef but I am far from being shareef. Super bummer.

vαsudңα said...

Progress, woman! You never came close to saying anything remotely like that in 12 years of school together. :P

What exactly is your Sissy's eternal task? He has to bear you only for one more year. That isn't much. :)

Anonymous said...

Pens always do that to me, too. Now I only write with wax tablets.

Anonymous said...

@Nik: Yeah, thanks for enlightening me that it was stupid. I figured that from their expression too. I don't care much though. One of them used to be my seat partner when we were small and she really tortured me. :P

@Bharat: Yeah, looks can be deceptive. Happens with me too. Nobody talks interesting things with me because they "think" I'm studious. Yeah right. :P

nikita said...

bharat: thanks... lol.

vasudha: really? well, that might not be a good thing. if i couldn't come up with something that ridiculous then i pity myself.
and quote, "What exactly is your Sissy's eternal task?"... what? u lost me.

raincoster: yeah, i think i'm gonna switch.

Mansi Trivedi said...

Awww@ your story.
Cute. very.

nikita said...

cute?! ... wasnt aiming for that. but thanks nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

The myth. Sisyphus had to do the whole rolling up a rock routine for eternity, didn't he? Plain curiosity ref: the myth here


nikita said...

i know, but i was thinking about the myth, its implications..