Saturday, 12 January 2008

And a Happy New Year....

This post is a little late in the coming (12 days if my grasp on time hasn't completely been lost), but I have the support of the fool who claimed, "Better late than never."

The New Year is symbolic of new beginnings, new hopes, new trials and (most famed of them all) new resolutions.
For maybe the first 15 days of the new year, people's spirits are high, either the outcome of new found optimism or maybe that of the holidays' festive mood or maybe it's just that strong spirit. But at the dawn of the 16th day, reality comes crashing down like a wall of cement built on a house of cards. The pessimism that plagued us previously returns, those violent and exotic shades of green and red disappear in favour of grays of the city's landscape of undulating concrete.
So my decision was to make a resolution, but on the dirge of the previous year; this resolution was to make none in the coming year. Worked brilliantly. There was very little room for error; all I had to do was eat cake when the countdown began.

I don't mean to sully the zest of the resolution hopefuls. So until the day of realization- I fare thee well in the land of bliss.


Anonymous said...

I can't explain how very apt that 15 good days theory is looking to me cause I've got pre-boards starting from the very day i.e. 15th. Totally ends the festive spirit if there was any to begin with. But I should be prepared for more horrors soon, darn I shouldn't have watched Resident Evil on New Years Eve. I didn't make any resolution either, but that was because I was too lazy to think one up.

Okay then, off I go the opposite way.

nikita said...

all the best for ur pre-boards.

vαsudңα said...

My photoo! :o

It didn't take 15 days for my spirits to sag. 12 days are dampening enough. Especially when you go shopping for clothes after all the New Year binging, no gymming, and the shmuck saleslady insists you try the large size.Hmmph. Even though you insist you're a medium. And then, you force yourself into a medium fit just to be one up. Ha.


Better luck to you, my friend :)

nikita said...

my spirits aren't dampened yet, no resolutions provides a greater amount of slack...

oh, so that's y i remember reading the bloody strip... thought i read it in one of my old c&h books.

Nikunj said...

Nice place. Thanks for your comment on my blog. My new year was spent not thinking about it all. After all, plagiarising from douglas adams, its been 2008 years now since a dood was born who was eventually nailed to the cross for telling people to be good to each other. I don't know whether to be happy or sad.

nikita said...

what's ur blog url? ... lousy memory.

and it hasnt been 2008 years (the human race isn't that completely hopeless); we've had countless persons through history (like gandhi, martin luther king etc.) but none of them started a religion (atleast not one that has lasted 2008 years..;-)

Abhilasha said...

aww...the calvin cartoon is sodamn cute...and resoultions did you say?? what's that? ;)