Saturday, 7 June 2008

I'm IT

I was tagged by Bharat and since it seems I haven't posted for nearly a month, I decided to give my blog a bit of a stir.

Ze 5 Zings About Me Tag

5 things found in my bag
  • At least two books (currently The Dubliners and The Odyssey)
  • My iPod which has only some 3 gig left :(
  • Something to write with.
  • Something to write on.
  • Empty space intended for money that I never possessed.
5 favourite things in my room
  • The vinyl records adorning my wall
  • Piano.
  • Laptop- me mac!!
  • The books littering every inch of my room (I don't have a book shelf, no room for it. So if any unfortunate soul decides to enter my room he/she/it will have to wade through a knee high pile of junk because every platform is loaded with books.)
  • Assortment of articles on topics ranging from music to astrophysics.
5 things I have always wanted to do
  • Travel back in time to the Renaissance period.
  • Sky dive, deep sea dive and get to base camp of Mt. Everest.
  • Visit and preferably live in almost every country on the bloody globe.
  • Learn Italian, German, Mandarin and how to play the guitar, drums and saxophone.
  • Attend a Pink Floyd concert.
5 things I am currently into
  • Go - riveting game!
  • Random and generally useless torrents.
  • Playing Halo for reasons beyond the tangible.
  • Trying to flesh out a story that has been roaming my mind for a while.
  • Avoiding the copious supply of house guests.
5 people I choose to further torment
Found this fascinating video, check it out here.


Anonymous said...

Your iPod has 3 Gigs left and you're sad? Hell, my iPod's total capacity is 4 Gigs and it's got some 2MB left. :|

You have the piano in your room? Cool. My keyboard won't fit in my room. The room is too small and already overloaded. I do however have a bookshelf. :P

And Mac. *sigh*. I envy you, woman.

I have never played Halo. I don't understand the fuss about it. Even if I do go around trying to play it, I know it isn't gonna run on my computer. So to save myself the disappointment, I don't even try installing it.

And you tagged me to this too. Even Bharat did. No way out now. I have to do this.

sid said...

You fail at rick rolling.

Anonymous said...

My iPod which has only some 3 gig left
Mwahaha! I only have 256MB on my phone and all it fits is 2 albums at a time. :P

Sky dive, deep sea dive and get to base camp of Mt. Everest.
No sea near Mt.Everest! :P

Attend a Pink Floyd concert.
Meh probably not happening until Godly intervention.

Random and generally useless torrents.
Does everyone who have broadband download torrents? Seems so to me. :|

Nikita said...

Ish: 2MB, you poor soul. :P
I'm not exactly any good at Halo by the way, no clue why I even tried. :/

Sid: Pity, at least I tried. :|

Greekwrestler: I'll be happy with just Roger Waters.

Bharat said...

Haha, told you you'd suck at Halo. :P

You tried because 'you hate being underestimated'. :P

And I thought my Rick Rolling attempt was poorly conceived. :P [Mine worked though. Yours... :P ]

[Proper comment later, I'm supposed to be on 'vacation'. Bleurgh.]

Nikita said...

Bharat: Hey! you little blithering git. Give me time, I'll beat your gloating ass.
Now you go on and enjoy your cousins' company. :P (managed to convince your grandparents to let you stay upstairs?)

kika said...

Mutatis Mutandis is called Kritika.

Av. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Av. said...

As a random reader, who had nothing to do, I came across your blog and liked it. YAY. :)

sid said...

um 8GB on my phone... soon to be 16GB.....I Win.

Nikita said...

I hate you.
I dont even have 16 GB on my comp's start up disc. :|