Sunday, 11 May 2008

Ode to the Sunday morning

[Foot fetish anyone?]

A poem as a tribute to the all-pervasive, indomitable, sagacious BO.

[This poem is the unfortunate result of a exhausting, mind-numbing, dehydrating, stomach-churning and crazy Sunday (and a tad amount of plagiarism). Details should soon be up on Radhika's blog]

Bhow, bhow,
Oh my God, its Bo!
You only reap what you sow
You have hairy palms, no?
We shall go - play with Play Doh
Hona hai jo, hone do.
Listen to the crow crow
The Indian Space Research Organisation is called ISRO
You rise when its dark
The heavens break apart
And quote to thee,
Lucifer's child, the anti-lark
[Six, six six! The number of the Beast!]
Prepared is thy zoic feast
Thy arrows :
Will through bone marrow
And call to blithe mortals in a low baritone
'Minions, Armageddon nears
Look to the heavens, fear oh fear'
Bo, neo Zeus
Aam, seb, ganna juice
Das rupay, paanch rupay, teen rupay glass
Aao piyo, bahut hai khaas
A glass of sang-froid stands prepared
Vlad [the Impaler] hath not better fared
Slitting the throats of a thousand kind
Slaying more monsters than you can find
Woe betide thee oh Earth and Sea
O Bo, please set us free.

Credit for this master piece goes to She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (aka: Vas), Freak-of-Nature (aka: Radhika) and Abominable Being (i.e. me).

[Disclaimer: Any mental retardation, hallucinations of pink elephants and/or spontaneous fires caused by the reading of this post is not the responsibility of anyone/thing other than the towel with yellow Polka dots in the junk yard across my home.]


Anonymous said...

Ah, read this already at She Who Must Not Be Named's place. It's brilliant. Oh, and go visit her blog and read my comment if you think this is short. Till the next time, Bhow! :P

Vasudha said...

Bah. You post script is funny. Mine isn't. Boohoo. Bohoo. :|

Nikita said...

@ishmeet: *bites off passer's by foot*

@Vas: :P Haha.

Bharat Iyer said...

:O My towel!

Nikita said...

@Bharat: You want it back? Might be a bit messy considering the feline population has been mistaking it for their sand box but as it seems you are attached to it, I can tell you the exact location: under the enormous pile of garbage and upon the carcasses of a few hundred rodents. Just follow the smell.

Radhika said...

nangia : eww..!!
anyway,me,freak of nature??!! i mean like ??????
details shall be up on my blog,like umm..i dunno when! :p
will write soon,ps i shall be writing each and everything..starting from the 50mins waiting for vasu,our parking lot expedition,our christmas plans to the breakfast,impromptu plan..everything okay? phir mat kehna lamba hai,padh nahin sakti! :p 'slightly' lost.

Nikita said...

@Rad: Err, slightly? Sure about that?

Radhika Saxena said...

i updated! jai ho bo! go check!

Nikita said...

lol. read it.
*All hail the mighty Bo*

The Keeper of the Keys said...

BO!! such brilliant inspiration!

kika said...

no matter how many times i read it, it makes me laugh!
read it at vasudha's blog, first, though...
creativity with the rhyming...
insanity with the idea...
but still...amusing!

sid said...

I feel you left Billy Joel out of your list... haven't rad any posts yet.. will do more intrusion of privacy soon...

- 12-time-zones-away-Sid

sid said...


sid said...

"the anti-lark" is where i stopped reading...
Are you guys High?? Ridiculous..

- The-mighty-Bo-hailing-Sid-....-I-guess-..-?

Nikita said...

Yes, I think we were a bit high or just massively dehydrated.

sid said...

hey on the links page.... link my name to and not my old blog

Im about to grace the planet with a bold new redesign, you are the first to know... feel special.

- Sid

Nikita said...

Aww. I feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Anonymous said...

That -could- be the shitty caviar I gave you with the nuke.

I feel like a hungover crackhead right now. And by the Lord, I look like one too.

Nikita said...

And you have been doing what? Or don't I want to know? Or is the one thing that sprung to mind accurate?

Radhika Saxena said...

You've been tagged :)

Nikita said...

Doubt I'll do it. :|

Alt + F4 said...

BO is sagacious.