Sunday, 13 April 2008

Zeus' Wife

[The movie Juno has managed to inspire my bleak and desolate mind to write a run of the mill blog post about adolescence.]

We don't know where we are going and we don't know where we are from.
As soon as adolescence materializes, hormones surface and your mind brims with questions which are far less than tangible. You inevitably question the existence of God (iconoclasm is quickly, if not hastily, adopted) and incontrovertibly loose your faith in Humanity. The hypocrisy of life and the speciousness of morality hits you so hard that it send you reeling for seven years.
Ironically though, while you loose faith in all the institutions that require it, you also become an idealist. Sanguinely hoping that maybe through the grace of something you no longer believe in, your cynicism and skepticism will be shattered in the light of the marvelous wonder of altruism (or anything a notch below egocentrism).
Those years of stupendous contradictions have only one road to salvation, humour. It is the solitary thing that will keep you from being obliterated; loose it and you end up as just another platitudinous piece of text in black and white.


Nikita said...

I just realized I used far too many ism's ...
Oops. *grins*

Bharat said...

I'm too tired for coherent thought. Sensible comment tomorrow. Promise. :P

Nikita said...

Refer to what I said previously and then go torture yourself.

Vasudha said...

Your background is black and the the text is white.
Just pointing that out. :P

Nikita said...

heidi har har...

Are you implying that I am a platitude?

Nikita said...

*disembowels Vasudha*

The Keeper of the Keys said...

*in sing-song voice*
Like I said, humour is virtue.
*smug look*

ishmeet said...

hormones surface and your mind brims with questions which are far less than tangible


inevitably question the existence of God


incontrovertibly loose your faith in Humanity.


The hypocrisy of life and the speciousness of morality hits you so hard that it send you reeling for seven years.

Check. One more year to go.

I have my humour with me alright but sometimes sadness and depression just manages to take over and at that time, humour doesn't help. Humour is effective till the time you have someone to talk to and someone you laughs at your sense of humour. When you're just sitting alone in your room wondering about the monotony of things and the existence of God and goodness, humour doesn't really work. You can't make yourself laugh all the time can you?

But I still hope everything will be fine one day. Hope is the only thing that carries a person forward.

Nikita said...

Somehow, I can almost always make myself laugh. Generally it could be considered a bit masochistic cause in those cases I laugh at myself.
But you're right, you need someone to talk to and laugh it over with. It's torture otherwise.. experience speaks.

ishmeet said...

Even when you're laughing at yourself, it's better to do so with somebody who can laugh at you when you laugh at yourself. You know what I mean, right?

Loneliness is a sad thing. I fear being lonely more than being a failure. But mostly they come together. You fail, people leave you, you become lonely, commit suicide and feature on the news channel.

Nikita said...

Thanks for the portrayal of a very grim future for most of the living world.

ishmeet said...

Hah, you're welcome. :P

Anonymous said...

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