Monday, 3 December 2007


when i put my hands to the keys, all my anxieties are lost, all worries withdrawn. as the hammer hits the the tightly wound strings, my finger flow and my nerves loosen.
it has been a sole and solitary companion: often when i felt as though my nerves and stomach juices signed a pact ti make me feel as nauseated as humanly possible, the resonating sound created in the body of the instrument rid me of all self doubt. before and important examination, when every muscle body ran stiff and cold, i sat myself down in front of a classic and all melted away.
whether i am an extraordinary or simply mediocre pianist, matters not. for when the soothing echo of crochets and quavers, created on the treble and base clef, hit my ear drum: nothing but music can be heard; nothing but music can be felt.


ναśůδңα said...

Get Firefox.
Or if you have it, use the spell check :P

oh, and I like. :)

nikita said...

waht sellnipg eorrr?... dran
and, i hvae Ffroeix... dnot lkie selpl ccehk.

*cheers* i got the approval of Zeus him(her)self...

ναśůδңα said...

Yup, you did.You write berry well.I've mentioned that before, haven't I?


I haven't.
Too busy bogging you down :P
Or seeking revenge :D

Haha, anyway.
So.You write well. :)

nikita said...

*wipes tears from eyes*
*gives long and winding speech starting from a note of thanks*
*ppl get bored and music has to be played to drown the drone of the idiot on stage*
*finally 3 bouncers drag nikita off the stage and the whole audience cheers...*to

;-) ... thanks. u write well too, havent 'I' said that? guess not...all too obvious.

i gotta go study chem. Zzz. *drools all over keyboard*