Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Special Meals

There are always those few people who order special meals on aeroplanes. When you see those meals coming you wonder at what makes the meals special? And figure that it can’t be much better than yours since it’s still on an aeroplane. Then you see the strawberries. They look good. You’re certain you won’t have any strawberries. Looking at someone else’s early arriving meal with all its succulent canned fruit makes you hungry. You also want your meal right then. You decide to order yourself a special meal next time.

If you don’t get one next time, maybe it’s an indication that you’re a Commi.

Yes, I only ever blog when I’m moving at speeds greater than 500 km/h. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

In the long run, though, strawberries always lose to the phalanx of raisins.

Nik said...

That is indisputable.