Sunday, 1 November 2009

Pumpkin Pies

"What are you dressing as?"

"The Lazy."

*cackle* *giggle* *squirm* *stare* *realize it wasn't all that funny* *realize you're inebriated* *get more inebriated* *grin*

Halloween is generally the greatest excuse to dabble in a little drag and get enough alcohol in you to clean the floors of Buckingham. For a few others, it's the trigger of contemplation of grim futures and of the endearing cycle of depressive thoughts and self-pity. But then, very soon, the death-fires dance on into the abyss, the colours green, blue and white return to their regularity and you realize it's now the 1st of November. You turn your clocks back an hour and glee in the fact that you have an extra 60 minutes to add to your day. That's enough to make anyone giggle and grin. If not, you need a drink.


ani_aset said...

hehe i like the answer "lazy" :P

Gezer said...

This was the first of the Nauseous one's poems I read - If I'd known she knew I read them I'd have wished I was dead!