Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Woolen String

I haven't had the time to do much lately but today I did spend a good forty minutes reading up on the Superstring theory. I would have wasted more time but I just didn't understand much.
I wrote down what I did understand and put it up here.

On a tangent, you know how Einstein said you haven't understood something until you explained it to your grandmother? It turns out, I don't understand algebra.


Anonymous said...

Turns out I've understood quite a few bollywood flicks, then. :P

Was there the kind of a generation gap in Einstein's time as there is now?

Nik said...

Well, yes. The age difference is round about the same, maybe a little more now. But this has less to do with differing opinions than knowledge. The stereotype is you grandmother can knit like a maniac but doesn't know much about math and science. So the challenge is to teach the old lady something you claim to know cause it'll require you to break it down to the simplest level and explain every step of the way.