Tuesday, 16 December 2008

So Long And Thanks For All The Net

I am confronted with a set of highly paranoid and partially ballistic parents and so, my net connection is on quota. Sweet.

I might be able to regain computer rights after my pre-board result which will be somewhere mid-Jan I reckon. For the mean time, blogging is suspended. That too when I finally got an idea or two and started a new blog. Ah! what a wretch. I was looking forward to writing something on Bees And Quantum.

Anyhow, see you lot in roughly a month. Though, I will drop by every once in a while to invade your blogs, worry not.
Merry Christmas and enjoy the new year.

[Edit: Results out on 3rd February.]


Vasudha said...

Ooh. Grounded. :P

Anonymous said...

Oh, sucks. Wonder why my parents never thought about this during my boards though. I might have gotten better marks.

But wait, weren't you using your neighbour's wifi?

Nik said...

Vas: well, kinda. You're a sadistic little git. Wait for sunday little one... you'll pay dearly.

Ish: Ah, it's not the internet that has disappeared but rather the computer. And depriving me of the only 2 forms of entertainment, books (yup, not allowed to read any until april!! :( ) and net is not gonna help me in any way. Just bore the living hell out of me.

ani said...

o o!! all the best for the results dear!!

Anonymous said...


Thoric said...

*points and laughs*

The Keeper of the Keys said...

Oh. Merry Christmas! Happy New year! All the best! Hope to see you soon!